All the Glittering

*excerpt from Tony Tanner's Introduction of The Great Gatsby

The greatest intensity of feeling comes not from possession but from intimation of imminent or actual loss. Fairer through fading, writes Emily Dickinson: glittering because going, Fitzgerald implies ('It was a mood of intense appreciation, a sense that, for once, he was magnificently attuned to life and that everything about him was radiating a brightness and a glamour he might never know again'), glittering because the radiance is about to dim. And when it has dimmed and the world seems definitely deglamourised, then emotionally the only future that matters really is the past.



April said...

This is absolutely beautiful. I love love love the look in her eyes, and the way her hair falls down around her faces.

Hien said...

Hiiiii darlinggggggggg you're back here yayy!!!
I just got home, shall email you in a bit xxxx

Hien said...

Btw I call that the look of nostalgia and melancholy :) hence the extract from Gatsby ;) x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful xxxx

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