Michael: Creating a Wild Rollercoaster of a Vivid Dream

Demise of the Blissful One
About the artist:

Michael Vincent Manalo is a digital-mixed-media artist born in Philippines to American father and Spanish mother. Having grown up in an international family with fascinating background, his artworks dramatically recreate every day life stories by illustrating his very own interpretations of emotions. Michael’s pieces have been used as album covers, book covers; exhibited in some major galleries and museums in America, Italy and Philippines. 

Light my Fire

Tales from the Door of Dreams
Michael creates his art through merging scenes in his mind with scenes that have been captured by hand to create the living space that his subconscious tries to convey – a living space of surrealism, the weird, and the paranormal. They are the extension of distant memories and nostalgia. Refused to be bound by the traditional painting process, Michael chose photo-manipulations, which as a result has given him unlimited possibilities to ‘recreate visceral levels contained within the vast assemblage of his spirit’. 

 Artist Statement:

The Storyteller

A Second Chance

 Life has always been a fascination to me: from those inevitable school fights during the elementary years to those wild days of puberty; from the lonesome people in the parks to the 8-inched mohawked people in concerts; from feeling someone else's warmth to dealing with the blackness within. There are always a lot of emotions in my works - pain, happiness, love and warmth, glory, success, failures, torture, jealousy, excitement, rage, pride. All these converged and met at a common point in time and space and created who I am, what I want to explore and what I hope to achieve.

A vast amount of images come to my mind every day as a result of the radical emotions that fill me in each heartbeat, which I try to recreate as soon as I could by combining photographs and techniques in illustration to illustrate the concepts of the mind. By forging those images I literally create pictures wherein the emotion delves, grows and inhabits. They hopefully then allow viewers to withdraw from the cruelty of reality and dig into a wild rollercoaster of a vivid dream. 

Tales from the Hidden Attic

The Earth Room



annie said...

You use a lot of blues and greens, just like Dali's - I really like your works!

T.R. said...

Very dreamy xxx

Michael Vincent Manalo said...

Thank you so much for posting my works and interviewing me. :)

@annie - thank you so much! I'm really glad you like my works!

@T.R - thank you so much! :)

Hien said...

The honour is all mine Hx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! Maybe next piece would be something outside of the natural theme? I would love to see some sort of machineries or something :D

A. said...

Awesome surreal stuff. Well done Michael.

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