I'm no good at writing!

It’s official. Shame on me because both my parents are exceptional writers, but I guess the gene’s lost somewhere or it’s been transformed into my sketchy sketchy sketch skill (which is not even very good. I need April to explain to me if this is possible – the gene thing!). This is probably one of my very rare entries on this blog as being compared to April’s masterpieces; my writings are like bad jokes made up by a 50-something-year-old comedian performing in an empty club on a Monday night.

But I’ve got to write a bit today, because autumnal colours have finally arrived in my area, Cambridge sporting a multi-hued picture as I look out at it from my window. God knows I’ve tried to capture its beauty on paper, and have never truly succeeded. The scenery changes its face every day, misty with a cold faded blue light in the morning, flooded in gorgeous golden sunrays in the afternoon, with a hue of pink-orange-purple in both early and late evenings. It’s different on a clear day, as well as on those that are overcast. My pens failed me. My brushes failed me. It’s just different! Different! Different! One minute I thought I tamed it, the next it defies me, dares me, and laughs at me with its browns, yellows, oranges, reds and leftover greens. Cambridge in autumn, I can neither describe in words, nor draw. Still, I love the season. It offers me clarity of vision, a breath of freshness with added peace for my soul that no other season can – like a calm lake in the middle of the forest left undisturbed.

Winter is not so far away. But if the thought of the approaching long, dark evenings makes you feel miserable, cheer up! September is also a big month for fashion with supermodels in fabulous Autumn-Winter collections strutting down the catwalks. I’ve been spending my last few weeks lusting after latest arrivals on my favourite websites and at local boutiques. And these outfits are what I deem suitable for this beautiful upcoming season (all designed by me – of course!):



Pui Ching Ho said...

Let me be your model for your design!!!! I want some Cambridge-in-Autumn collection!!

P. C.

Hien said...

*starts working on PC's autumn collection straight away* !!!

April.W + Hien.N said...

I don't know what you are talking about - you are GREAT at writing!!! And drawing, and designing, and everything else too.

I am with Pui Ching (hey Pui Ching!) - I am jumping on that collection!

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