Long Time No See

Apologies for the long absence. N. and I just returned from our honeymoon, and are attempting to settle back into normal life. Hien has so graciously maintained this blog in my absence, and quite honestly, it looks much better without my ramblings to interrupt her wonderful artwork. So while I am sure none of you misses me, I did miss you “invisible peeps.” Over the next few days, I hope to share with you some details of our trip. But today, let me tell you about how this blog has changed.

You will recall that Hien and I had never met by the time we started this blog a few weeks ago. I was part anxious, part curious, part excited, and part terrified to meet her. What if she didn’t like me? After all, I tend to sound a lot better on paper (with the help of edit, undo, and redo) than in real life. What if I didn’t like her? The person I so adore could turn out to be merely a figment of my own imagination. The friendship we had built through the years is one of “long time no see.” And no matter how much communication we have had, a meeting in person seems a far truer, and rawer experience.

Thankfully, my worries were in vain. Hien is every bit as lovely in person – beautiful, kind, and talented. Even better, she didn’t seem to mind my craziness. We spent three wonderful days together, along with our significant others, talking about everything and nothing. As T. said in a shop when Hien and I were trying on shoes , “Surely, you don’t have the same shoe size too?”  We do, it’s 7.5. The key word there though is “too.” He and N. had spent a few days observing all other ways in which we bonded.

And so this blog is no longer about two friends who had curiously never met. It is rather  about all of us who would find a great deal of  similarity in our separate lives, wherever our paths may cross in this world. After all,  friendship and love are as timeless as the “Eternal City” of Rome.




Hien said...

I love this! And you! Aww I'm relieved I wasn't the only one who was nervous and terrified ;D I was literally skipping all the way back to the B&B when we got your txt - that's how freaked out I was haha. But you were, and are, so much sweeter and more beautiful than I had ever imagined :) xxxx I can't wait til we get to meet again..

April said...

Awww thanks hon. I am already planning our next trip!! I am thinking India or Africa....

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