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Judge me all you want you ‘invisible peeps’ (what a term, I need to steal it from you April!), I have just finished watching a KOREAN DRAMA! Yes I do watch the occasional Asian drama, despite of my dislike of their girly plot with one-person-is-going-to-die twist. But this time it was a bit more special. For anyone who cares to give it a go, it’s called ‘My girlfriend is a Gumiho’ (i.e. nine-tailed fox from Korean folktales), about a guy called Dae-woong falling in love with a Gumiho named (guess what!) Mi-ho. They started off as a contracted couple, her needing him to take care of her fox bead for 100 days so that she can become a human, and him, well, doing that so she won’t eat his liver (eww). However there was this part of the tale neither of them knew about: if Mi-ho took the bead back on the 100th day, Dae-woong would die. 

To cut the story short, after a lot of you-need-to-keep-the-bead-and-live, and how-about-we-each-have-half-of-my-life, Mi-ho was about to die anyway due to some silly added rules (say, the energy of the human and the phantom blood that Mi-ho earlier had drunk had to mix well, etc. I know, they even came up with a freaking phantom!). And that was when I started to really love the drama.

As Mi-ho was disappearing from Dae-woong arms, she covered his eyes.
Dae-woong: Don’t go.
Mi-ho: Forget all the scary stuff. And remember me as a really really really really good dream.

Don’t cry just yet you ‘invisible peeps’. The plot resolved as she came back to life when there was a solar eclipse. Poking her cheek to see if she was real, Dae-woong said ‘It doesn’t matter if you’re a ghost, or a gumiho, or a person. It doesn’t matter. It’s enough that you’re in front of me. If you’re back, that’s enough’.

Forget all the supernatural folktales, I just simply LOVE Dae-woong’s declaration of love. He confessed to love her, no matter what she was. He loves her, for being her – no more, no less. This, I can say, even rivals the ultimate ‘Whether you’re a man, or an alien’ in ‘The 1st shop of Coffee Prince’ (another K-drama I love). The life-or-death choices actually worked well, because it was a symbol of their feeling for each other. The myth of Gumiho is a metaphor that drives the drama forward, while the characters get a chance to face their ultimate fear of death (not only their own, but also their beloved’s). And in fear, find the heart of hearts to challenge the universe, to sacrifice for their love and belief.

Love can not only move mountains, it also can make solar eclipses occur to give a girl a chance of crossing the cosmic divide and rejoining her man. That said, I hope you all out there don’t have to go through all that in order to find your true love! 



Aquarius said...

Where is the LIKE button >:O ?
Anw, the willingess to die for ur love one of DW is so admireable. And I was also surprised. That freaky phantom eventually let Miho go :O
The ending was so ... =)))))))))))))))))) unexpected (of course in a goood way). But it doesn't matter now, whether Miho is still a Gumiho or is now a human being.
P/S : If the blogger is a Gumiho, what would she do in the same situation ?
P/S 2 : MGFIGMH is EPIC !!!!

Hien said...

Hmm. Good question Aquarius. If I were a Gumiho, I would stay a Gumiho. I mean, why becoming human when Gumihos are THAT awesome?

Aquarius said...

That means you can eat T.'s liver whenever you like >:)

Hien said...

That's one big EWW for you Aquarius! And yes, true. I can then gain the upper hand and simply scare him whenever I fancy.

April said...

Awww... hey no judging here. I also watch the occasional Asian dramas, and I try to get N. to watch it with me (usually without success). I can't explain how somehow these dramas remind me of a whole world I used to live in and am still yearn to understand. Wait, need to tell N. that - maybe he will watch it with me if I pull the "I want you to understand more about where I am from" card lol.

Hien said...

lol that's one card hard to say no to ;P

Anonymous said...

I also love this drama a lot. It made me think about true love. I could find my belief in love after watching this drama, again. I wanna be a gumiho, start to find my own Deawong. What a crazy thought!
P/S: Minu Moonie( that's me) likes your blog*lol* bc she loves reading and writing so bad^^ Thank ya^^

Hien said...

hey Minu Moonie (nice name!! ;)), thanks for your comment, I didn't see it until now, but good luck finding your very own Dae-woong! I'm sure he's awaiting!!!!!!!!! x

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