What does a honeymoon in Tuscany look like?

Back to our irregularly scheduled trip report. When we left off, N. and I were wandering aimlessly in the Tuscan country side until the police pulled us over. The rest of our stay in Tuscany was considerably more peaceful (with the minor exception of an incidence where it took us 45 minutes to get gas). We also made a new friend - her name is Lelia. Her love for her home region of Tuscany was infectious. She introduced us to some of the most beautiful scenes we have ever beheld, treated us to the most delicious coffee, brought us wonderful wine, and took some beautiful photographs. If you are ever in Chianti, you must give Lelia a call - she's just as sweet in person. All images below are by Lelia.

Let me tell you about a honeymoon in Tuscany.

We took long walks around vineyards.

We soaked in the golden warmth of the Tuscan sun.

We discovered abandoned houses,

where we could camp out in the backyard.

We drank the most delicious wine.

We learned to ride horses.

We took lots of photographs.

We caught the last of the sunflowers at the end of their season. 

Most importantly, we enjoyed each other. 

And when the picnic was over, 

we walked away hands in hands,

knowing that for the rest of our life, 

if the road ever gets muddy or tough, we would always carry each other through

and be in each other's arms again. 

A. W. 

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Hien said...

OMG GORGEOUS PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still awed even though this is not my first time seeing them :c very very very jealous
;D x

Aquarius said...

1 word : Amazing !!!!!
Btw April, you look just like an American lady :D

April said...

@Hien: We must go to Tuscany together!! Next trip!! I would love to introduce you to all those places.
@Aquarius: Aww thank you!! That's the thing I love most about America - diversity. Anybody could look like an "American" because anybody could be an American :-).

Thu said...

Beautiful people, beautiful photos, beautiful sentiment. Sweetest post ever!

April said...

@Thu: thanks hon :-) - though I am pretty sure you are biased!!

Bella Kotak said...

Aww I LOVE the photos!! How romantic.. I want to run away to Tuscany right now! Beautiful stuff.

April said...

@Bella: Thanks Bella!! You definitely should go to Tuscany. It's the most beautiful place I have ever seen - definitely a romantic location :-). Maybe we can all go together - group field trip!!!

Alexandra said...

I love this post. Even though I've already seen them twice, I love them each time I see these pictures.

April said...

@Alexandra: One of my favorite posts too :-). It reminds me of some of the most wonderful times in my life. I have never felt quite so at peace. I must retire there!

Lelia said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww....miss you SO much...make sure that if you come back in Tuscany you give me a call for a glass of wine toghether...thank you for being such a special couple!
Tons of love

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