The W word

*Dedicated to someone who recently has become dearest to me. 

When I first met him, what struck me was his unassuming intelligence and his superhuman ability of 'doing it all', and 'doing it all WELL'. That subsides to a mutual friendship and my appreciation for his genuine kindness. 

Not too long ago he surprised me by doing an extremely nice gesture. Not to say it was out of character, but no one would have bothered doing it if were him - busy as he always is with, I'm certain, many more important matters occupied his mind. 

Truth be told, I have been having a hard time lately trying to find my 'perfect' job. Countless of times I got so close to it, but for one reason or another the deals fell apart. I'd been frustrated of course, but soon enough frustration was replaced by numbness. I'd search for the outrage, a flair of pain and anger I'd expect to feel, but to my own surprise had found it absent. I could only summon up indifference. I thought I had lost my passion for my career. 

But he didn't, doesn't, and won't let me. He would listen to me, give me advices and enormous help. Our conversations always leave me inspired with a feeling of being taken under one's wings, that everything would work out in the end, and that I would achieve what I had long ago set out to. He restores my faith in life, my chosen path, and in people. Because of him, I know that for now I have choices. Choices mean future. Future here, future anywhere else, it's all forward motion. And motion is life. 

I know kindness is universal. It's everywhere, be it my daily talks to my mum, April's blog posts, or what I see in T.'s eyes. And the sort of kindness this post portraits can be easily be from any friends or family. But I sincerely hope that one day I'll be able to tell him how much I appreciate him being there for me all this time. No matter what darkness and hardship life has in store for me, I'll power through with a smile on my face. 

The readers, those of you who really know me, could have guessed by now who I'm writing about. So I'll use the W word - 'worship' - instead of any others, for fear of being unprofessional and inappropriate. This is an inside joke between me and T., him referring to me all twinkle eyes with enthusiasm when I speak of this person. 

OK, 'worship' will have to do. For now. 



April said...

Darling, I have no doubt that you will soon find the right job to fulfill your passion. You have an enormous talent, and at times, it may seem difficult to find the right environment - but don't ever forget how amazingly talented you are.

As for W, I adore him as well even though we have never met :-). Kindness and friendship make all the difference in the world - our paths may never become easier, but they will certainly be more pleasant with great people in our lives!

I hope he reads this and knows how much he means to you :-). I have no doubt that he holds you in equally high regards :-)

love you xoxoxo

xXxuany said...

Hey cousin!

Nice blog, didnt know you have one ^^ will check here more often now!

Good luck in your job search too, I know how desperate you can feel sometimes but never give up :) (oh I've been there... lol)



April.W + Hien.N said...

awww please visit us often ;D
and thanks for your encouraging and kind words Hxx

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