A Treat for the Eyes

Hello invisible peeps!

I have a special treat in store for you this weekend. My enormously talented friend Thomas Hammer, who dropped by the other day and tasted my Pa-Te-So, gave me permission to post this painting of his. He has so generously gifted this painting to me and N. as a wedding present.

I thought long and hard about posting the painting along with my own interpretation of it. However, I don't want to influence your interpretation. After all, it's abstract, and we may each experience something different from his work.

That, and I am a firm believer that a painting needs not always come with words. Language and paintings are very different forms of expression, so that one can never truly describe the other.  A painting is a whole and complete experience in and of itself, and should be enjoyed as such. So have fun!

Oil on canvas - 22 inches (56 cm) x 28 inches (71 cm)
Courtesy of Thomas Hammer
A. W.


N. said...

This is why I love going to the MoMA (Museum of Modern Arts) with T. He's a great artist, and we go way back :-)

Hien said...

I'm speechless. And decided no more 'artwork' from me. No. Thank you. Not after this! This is too good.

April said...

Hien and t: You are both such wonderful artists, with very different styles. I wish you could meet each other!

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