Under the Tuscan Sun

Here comes the promised trip report :-). I will let Hien tell you all about Rome - I already told you my highlight of it: meeting up with Hien and T. Oh, the Pantheon is pretty cool too, but being an architect, Hien can describe it much better than me. Other than that, Rome is everything you have read about and expect it to be.

On the morning of our 4th day in Italy, N. and I said our goodbyes to Hien and T, and took the train to Florence in the heart of Tuscany. Prior to our trip, I had read several photo-guide books and even watched 2 travel videos. As in Rome, I thought I would know what to expect.

But all the photos, videos, and descriptions in the world could not have possibly prepared me for the beauty that was Tuscany. That morning, as I stood on top of the bell tower in Florence, gazing at a city built entirely in red tiles around the most gorgeous Duomo, surrounded by the lush green of the rolling hills, all under the bluest sky and the golden Tuscan sun, I understood for the first time why Florence was the center of the Renaissance. I have never seen a place quite so beautiful.

Florence is a tiny city - you could walk from one end to the other in roughly 30 minutes - though it is filled with treasures that would take a lot longer to explore. In the Accademia of Florence stands the most famous sculpture in the world - Michelangelo's David. I admittedly don't know much about sculptures, but of all the gorgeous naked men I stare at in Italy, this one was the most anatomically detailed, a real eye-candy for biologists like me. Other than that, the first thing that caught my eyes was his gaze. The last thing I lingered on was his bottom. Hey David - nice ass!

We spent the rest of the day wandering the streets of Florence, visiting the Medici Palace (it's grand), eating the most delicious gelato we tasted in all of Italy, gobbling down cheese sandwiches next to the Duomo, checking out Italian leather, and tasting the famous Florentine Steak.

Around sunset, we crossed the medieval bridge Ponte Vecchio, soaking in the color and warmth of the Tuscan sun reflected by the Arno River. I quietly reached for my husband's hands, recognizing the familiar feelings of falling in love over and over again.

Next up: how we managed to get pulled over by the local police at 3 AM. 



Hien said...

Darling, I'm drooling at your mention of gelato, cheese, and steak. Is it time for dinner yet? *slurps*

Aquarius said...

LOL at naked men sculptures =))))))
Anw, how did a honeymoon come to a meeting with police *O* ? Waiting for Part 2

April said...

@Hien: Oh! We should do a food post!! Wouldn't that be fun?
@Aquarius: I am telling you - that country was full of gorgeous men, made just the way I like them lol.

Hien said...

Yes please! I'm up for it! Yays! How should we do it though? I'll email you later darling ;) xxx

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