A False Sense of New Beginning

Hi! It's April - remember me? No? I used to write on this blog :-). Still no? :-(.

I am very sorry for the long absence. In my defense, I have been really busy and really sick. I traveled a lot during December, mostly for work. And I was so ill that I was actually in the hospital - as a patient, that is.

You know what I love most about New Year? It's the sense of new beginning. Just yesterday, N. and I were speaking of our plans and dreams for 2011. Every year on this day, we take a few extra moments in the morning, snuggle up to each other, and discuss the incoming year. We would talk about the last year as if it were long gone, while we giddily map out the future with a clean slate.

Yes, of course, it's a false sense of new beginning. Jan 1st comes with the same laundry, bills, sickness and problems of 2010. We all know that nothing had much changed between Dec 31st and the magic Jan 1st. In fact, tomorrow on Monday Jan 3rd, when we all return to work, we will be repeating even more of the same old routine.

What is not false, however, is the renewed sense of hope and determination. There is something magical about turning over a new leaf, hanging up a new calendar, and writing a new page of your life. There is something wonderful about making resolutions, even if you know you might drop half of them by the time February rolls around. And there is something comforting in the realization that despite all your troubles last year, you have arrived at a new journey - older from a few more scars, but also wiser from a few more experiences. And there is something encouraging about knowing that by the same token, you will probably arrive at the same point next year too.

For me personally, 2010 is a tough act to follow. In 2010, N. and I managed to change jobs, start new projects, and even paint our living room wall. In 2010, we got married, travelled to Europe, met up with Hien and T, and developed friendships that will last a life time. And did I mention that in 2010, we GOT MARRIED? I am not entirely sure how 2011 could possibly top that. But I sure as hell am going to give it a good honest try - no matter how false the sense of new beginning :-).

Happy New Year to you all. What promises does 2011 hold for you?

A. W.


Hien said...

OMG YOU ARE BACK!!!!!! I've got to say this first haha now i'm gonna devour every single word of your lovely post!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nom nom nom nom :D XXXX

Hien said...

I promised 2011 that I would keep the faith ;) be happy no matter what, and that I would see you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

April said...

I am glad to be back too :-), though the blog looks even better in my absence :-).

N. and I had a conversation that goes like this:
Him: We should become more financially stable this year.
Me: We should travel more!! Let's go to London!
Him: That won't help with the financial thing... but OK! Let's go see H. and T.!

Let's hope all our wishes come true, since I wish so much to see you again too!!

xoxoxo <3

Bella Kotak said...

This is a beautiful post. And you're right, there is a magic when we change years. December for me was pretty crap, lots of drama, tears and hiccups but when New Year's eve and with it January rolled round it feels as though it's not the end of the world and in fact I'm now standing at a door to another world full of hope and opportunities.. I've got my fingers crossed for a good year ;)

However.. I'm very much looking towards what fun posts you two will create in 2011!! :D

April said...


So sorry to hear that your December was crap! Dec hated me too!!! Maybe there is some magical conspiracy in the universe that says "Dec hates April and Bella."

But you know what, January will turn it all around - I just know it - for both of us!! And even if not, you, Hien and I will always have one another.

Lots of hugs to make up for your crappy Dec, and here's to hoping for a better January!! <3

N. said...

@Hien: we entered a raffle yesterday from British Airways for 2 tickets to England. Probably won't win - but hey, maybe! We did enter 3 times!

Alexandra said...

Finally getting around to reading your posts. John and I had the same conversation. It doesn't matter that the routines get repeated - there IS something magical about the New Year. To me it feels like it is the time of the year when you can remember the dreams that you had at the beginning of last year and that you can reaffirm once more your commitment to making them come true. Here's to a WONDERFUL 2011!

Hien said...

@N.: I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed! Hey you never know :D someone has got to win!!!!!!!!! It may be you two lovelies ;) and entering 3 times is like, TRIPLE YOUR CHANCE!!!!!!!!! :D xxxx

April said...

@Alexandra: Welcome!! So glad you found the posts! I am keeping my fingers crossed for 2011 too :-).

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