Steve K.: To the Future!!!*

*by Steve K. 

This has, so far, brought at least two massive smiles to my face: once when I first received Steve's email a couple of weeks ago, and today posting it :) Thanks Steve, you are an amazing illustrator and I adore every single artwork you've done - they are all freaking STUNNING. I'm sure our readers will share my sentiment. Keep up the great work!

Please visit Steve's gallery and/or drop him a line to show your support!!! 

Hai guys, I'm Steve K ~ sometimes known informally around the internet as "Stevepants".

I live in Victoria, Australia and am hoping to be an illustrator/animator. My artist statement is: "Hoping to present bright colours and use either line-less or burly lines; I wish to compliment quickly-generated, expressive and video-game inspired characters; with a strong will to try anything adorable to fill the world with 'awesome'".

I've studied Illustration for 2 years and am now hoping to get into the world of animation to boost my confidence and skills as an artist.

I love flat colour, and I love using bold outlines (if I'm using outlines at all!) and I've made best friends with Adobe Photoshop and his younger sister, Adobe Illustrator :) which are the programs I go to, to create my artwork. However sometimes I call their distant cousin, Paint, if I want to add some nostalgic touches from an old friend.

I've found it takes me a rough 15-minute sketch to plan my pieces, and on average 1-3 hours depending on how extensive the piece is. However, the larger pieces like my Pokémon fan-art with all 151 characters on them, can take a few days, on and off, depending on how badly I want it done.

The reason I do so much fan-art is because it's what I know. I have a bunch of ideas of my own, but as people aren't as interested in them right away, I'll stray until people can stand original pieces from me.

My Kanto'uch This piece, featuring all the original Pokémon - as well as the glitch Pokémon, known as "Missingno" - was purely because I love drawing creatures ~ and I wanted to produce something a little more extensive than my usual single character images. I hope it brings happy to your life. <3

I dream for these pictures to help me get into a career where I can be an animator/illustrator/video-game designer or all of the above.


-Steve K (Stevepants)

I should be ashamed of myself really... but I love Pokémon. Yup, still do! 



Anonymous said...

SO cuttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeee :D

Anonymous said...

OMG <3 <3 <3 how long did it take you to do all 151 of them? This is epic!!!!!!!!!!! <3

M. said...

POKEMON! Who else remembers Pikachu? :D

Hien said...

Haha ME! It's my mum's favourite game lol x

diane said...

your cartoons are most adorable xxxx

l.a. said...

Awesome with a capital A ^^

Anonymous said...

hahahaha sweeeet. pokemon = fun fun fun :D

April said...

I want one!!! Thanks for sharing this! Adorable :-)

Becky said...

Saved and set as desktop background :D thank you so much for sharing xx

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