Perfect Presents

Today I’m happy. I have been happy, of course, but not THIS happy in a while :) The reason is not only that I received the most unexpected and beautiful and thoughtful presents today, as photographed; but also – more importantly - the love I felt from the people around me, that they truly care, and genuinely love me for who I am.

The books on the right are from Hung Tran, the guy with the most remarkable taste in arts. Thank you; you know how much I love books and reading. 

The loveliest-looking book on your left is from my dearest April. I can’t even begin to express my love for her. She went through all the troubles to collect my art/architecture works (which were scattered literally EVERYWHERE!), and made them into the most beautiful volume. Keep in mind, this girl is so busy with work she can’t even afford time to sleep and eat and rest properly :( And she spent her precious spare minutes to do this for me. Seriously, it moves me deeply. Darling, I love you.

The message printed on the back cover was even more beautiful than the book itself, if that’s even possible. April wrote:

This past year has come with great challenges for both of us. Just like your artworks, some aspects of our lives have been perfect, while others are unfinished. […] Our unfinished works are the next chapters of our lives – they represent potentials and possibilities. 

- which is so true. The rest of the message is too personal to post here, but needless to say, I got very teary ;)

Life offers us so many potentials and possibilities, for instance, my next journey/chapter will be working in London, for a few months at least. Our office in Cambridge has recently been relocated to London, and although it’s going to be so much hassle to commute back and forth every day, it’s a too good opportunity to miss. I love the team I’m working with, the project I’m designing, that I decided to follow it through. Mind you, I shan’t have much time left to sleep, eat, and rest ;) let alone blog or anything else. So forgive me if I can’t write every day, I’ll try my best and keep you all posted as often as the time allows.

Again, I love you all. And I’m most thankful for your love.



April said...

Darling, it has been an honor and a great pleasure to be a part of your creative process. I am the one who is so privileged to be able to collect your art. The book stands on its own, and all the credit goes to you - the woman who created such beautiful works.

I am so proud of you - you have no idea. I know you will do super-awesome in London!! And hey, we just won't sleep, eat, or rest together. Makes 2 of us :-). You will kick ass there!!!

Anonymous said...

yahyah...I want to know this in details not update at all lalal...what book what drawing ar.? I 'd love to see them lalal..

ANYWAY back to Normal ...You know you will be the besttt soo keep it UP.London ll be GREAT.xoxo

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