Electra: An Eye for Detail

My name is Electra Sinclair. I am a sixteen year old high school student from New Zealand.

My vector artwork is mostly colourful and detailed portraits. I choose to work mostly with images of celebrities or people I like because this helps to keep me interested and motivated in my work. I usually decide to begin a new vector when I feel particularly inspired by a person or thing, or when I see a reference image that appeals to me. Most vectors take me about 6 to 8 hours (on and off) to complete, depending on the level of detail, but if I feel particularly inspired or excited about what I’m working on it can take much less than that. I feel my style is different from other vector artists because of the overlapping shapes and layers I use, as opposed to the more traditional non-overlapping layers. I prefer to work this way because I feel it gives me more freedom in the colours I choose, as well as giving my pieces a distinctive and more painterly look. I enjoy creating art that appears to be realistic, but can also be easily identified as a vector art piece; something that has been created by me.

Adrien Brody
While I don’t intentionally choose specific subjects for my vectors, I am attracted to images that challenge my vectoring skills. This is why I often work with images of eyes; the complexity challenges me to add more detail to my work and have the patience to add this detail, I believe this helps me with every vector I do. I am always learning new things about vector and the way I choose to do things is always expanding.

If I were to choose my favourite aspect of my own artwork I would have to say that I enjoy the most colourful pieces best (not to say I don’t like the black and white ones also). I dislike the mistakes in my artwork, because they seem incredibly obvious to me, however I try to use these to improve my new art, rather than going back to rework old vectors.

Nicholas Hoult
It's hard to believe that Electra is only 16, as her artworks have an air of maturity and elegance that only acquires with lots of experiences. The girl indeed has the whole future ahead of her, and I truly truly believe she'll turn out to be one of the most amazing illustrators/graphic designers/painters. Please visit her stunning gallery and show your support! ;) 

Electra, thank you also for your vector tutorial - I have a lot to learn from you and my fellow artists. Readers, have a look, give it a go. I know I shall the next time I have a few hours to spare. 



M. said...

Absolutely beautiful! x

Anonymous said...

The colours, the shapes, everything are perfectly right for the emotions you strive to capture. Really good job Electra! (I like your name too haha :D)

Becky said...

'Cassie' is spectacular <3

Hien said...

Yup I agree - Cassie is my fav too. The bokeh effect and her hair make it look photographic real. x

diane said...

OMG you are too awesome. I love all the eye drawings in your gallery.

T.R. said...

Electra, you are the best. I can't believe you can paint like this and you're 16. So young and talented! Who knows how much better you'll be in couple of years!?? Keep it up and take care xxx

annie said...

The eye ('Contrast' piece) was so superbly done!

Anonymous said...


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