Body Issues

I weigh myself every day. It’s a habit, not an obsession. I have a scale in my bathroom, and every morning I weigh myself. I would step on it, read the number it dutifully shows me, shrug and go eat my chocolate-spread bagels!

In this time and age, with all the nonsense the media bombarding us with, I can say for certain that almost everyone has their own body insecurities. It’s the usual self-doubts: ‘Do I look fat in this dress?’, ‘I hate my thighs’, ‘I’ve got a beer belly’, ‘I wish I could change my nose/lips/face/body!’, and ‘I would swap my body with Megan Fox’s any day’. But hey, your man doesn’t want Megan Fox, he wants YOU (even if he wanted Ms Fox, I bet he wouldn't dare to let you know ;), nor would he ever get her - guys, wake up call!!!). No matter how much you weigh, nor how you look without your make-up on in the morning, he still thinks ‘That’s my beautiful woman’. I’m not making assumptions, I KNOW that for a fact. Ask any of your friends who are in a happy relationship and they’ll tell you the same thing. Your body is never a problem, if that’s your belief, unfortunately you’ll have to re-assess and confront that fact. Don’t ever let love slip away because ‘only super slim pretty girls deserve him’ and ‘I don’t look good today so I probably won’t make a move’. That is, I’m telling you, just plain silly.

I know I’m a tad on the heavy side comparing to my Asian girlfriends. But it can’t scare me. I wouldn’t freak out because I was ‘heavier’, but would be more worried if the cholesterol was high, or I felt constantly tired. Be happy with your body! The key is to eat less junk food and exercise more. Although everyone knows that, not all of us can afford the time and space to do so. Try cutting back on caffeine for a start, eating one or two more portions of fruit per day, taking the stairs, walking one bus stop, etc. There are plenty of things you can do, and you should do, because the link between exercise and improved physical and mental health is irrefutable.

It’s not going to be an easy task as the Christmas party season is fast approaching. Allow yourself the occasional glass of mulled wine and mince pies, give yourself permission to gain a few pounds and be happy – you can always shred the excessive weight by exercising on a regular basis afterwards. Or keep your healthy new curves! They are perfect for 50s, 60s dresses – have you seen the latest Louis Vuitton collection?

But most importantly, curve or no curve, believe that you deserve of love. 



April said...

I have actually been avoiding weighing myself... :-). I did go to the gym this morning though!! Your post is a great motivation! :-) xoxo

Bella Kotak said...

You're absolutely and completely right! :) xx

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