Spread the Sound of JYJ Project

I'm, or rather my work is, on sharingyoochun.net today. They've been campaigning to support JYJ (a brilliant Korean trio) and spread their music around the world. The plan is for everyone to donate, SYCTeam will then use the money to buy albums and distribute them to media (online websites, radios, magazines, etc.). 

Read more about this campaign here

I decided that I would have to contribute to this worthy cause, no matter how skint I was! ;) Hence, this! I promised them I would make a JYJ graphic for every round they accomplished as a reward to all who participated. In less than a week they've already got half way through Round 2. At this rate I'll have to produce one drawing every day!!! God knows what I've got myself into, but honestly, JYJ is worth all the time and hassles :)

So if you know anyone working at a radio station, for a magazine, as a DJ, etc., please let me know and I'll forward the information to SYCTeam, or get in touch with them directly - they are the nicest team ever! As they mentioned, 'media from any countries will do', but they'll target the US and Europe markets first :)

For SYC readers who are kind enough to click on the link and visit our blog, here are all the posts that are JYJ-or-DBSK-related we've got so far:
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Enjoy, good luck to SYCTeam and thank you all for being awesome! 

credit: sharingyoochun.net



April said...

This is cool!! I have never heard JYJ's music (must look it up), but I am in love with anybody who would inspire you to paint and do more art work. One drawing per day!! Now we are talking excitement!!!!! :-) xoxoxoxoxo

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