*the state or attitude of being a fan 

Right, a little bit of background information first – I started being a fangirl when I was about 13,14 years old, my obsession at the time was Take That (OMG! I know!). Then similarly to other teenage girls around the world, I went through my phases: Bon Jovi, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Iron Maiden (!?!???! although it didn’t last very long), and recently Mew, Muse, Springsteen, etc. you name it. (I even go as far as the Far East for my eye candies, let me introduce you to DBSK – google them if you haven’t heard of them before.) Ask my best friend from secondary school and she’ll fondly tell you all the memories we had together fangirling. We had a notebook with stickers, photos, lyrics and our very own thoughts written about our so-called ‘idols’ and we wrote and wrote and wrote and each got to keep that little thing for a couple of days like a treasure. We often sat imagining what we would have done if we had been their girlfriends/sisters/friends (well, girlfriends mostly to be honest). You may think it’s a bit creepy, however personally I feel nothing but deeply touched by those memories. It’s normal. It’s what makes fangirling well, fangirling, unless one gets too delusional and brings fangirling to a whole new level of public humility :) Manic fangirls who goes jumpy and screams their lungs out? Hello? (The exception is when one gets to see Mew IN PERSON! ;))

So that’s the first good thing being a fangirl – you bond with people. Not only people who are already your best friends, but also people you have never met! True stories: I am now friend with a lovely Taiwanese girl and a gorgeous Italian girl whom I met at two different Mew’s gigs (hi Vivian! and hi Sabina!), I am now like a sister to a American girl who lives all the way across the pond in Texas (hi Jett!) and a girl from Philippines (hi Ketch!) just because we happened to be in the same fan group, and there are many many more of you out there with whom I swap pictures, MVs, songs, stories, ups and downs every day. Thank you for being such an important part of my life :)

Secondly, being a fangirl means you are never out of things/topics to talk about! Seriously, when dinner conversations bore you to death, try talking about some random dudes you fancy who you have never even met but whose birthdays, favourite colours, pet names, ____, ____, and ____ [please insert creepy stalker-style facts] you already know by heart. It’s such good fun seeing their reactions: either they would enthusiastically join you, which is great (hurray another fan for the club!!!); or your high-pitched voice and pink-flushed cheeks would freak them out – meaning the end to boring conversations (hurray all the same!!!).

Thirdly, having someone to look up to brightens up your life significantly. It’s like meditation. You have to clean the house? Great, put up some of your favourite music and mundane daily chores immediately turn into something magical, maybe try imagining that you’re on stage performing with the band too? Singing along at the top of your lungs doesn’t hurt either. And when you face depressions and dark times? Watch this:

Now what was that you were upset about? :)

And it’s not so embarrassing now to admit that you’re a fangirl/fanboy huh?



Aquarius said...

Never thought my lovely sister, oops, cousin( who I previously thought of as old and ancient as architecture ) would be such a hard core Cass =))

It is true that being a fanboy/fangirl is so interesting. What a pity T. cannot see that =)). Education maybe =)) ?

I guess fanboy/fangirl runs in our family =)) cuz I'm a hard core S<3NE myself :">

April said...

I agree with you - there is nothing embarrassing about being a fan! I have often heard people talk about their "guilty pleasures" -everyone has at least one. But the truth is, I have never found anything guilty whatsoever about it. They are simply pleasures :-)

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