Digital drawing: Step by Step

I spent my whole weekend working on another drawing, only this time I was smart enough to record the process step by step - in a rather desperate attempt to prove that I never use Photoshop or any other softwares to cheat ;).

The WHO: Park Yoo-chun of JYJ
The WHY: For this campaign
The HOW: 
 I first use a big-sized brush and 4-5 shades of grey to sketch the main facial proportions and features. Don't worry much about the details, the most important thing is to get the proportions right. Hence I often spend most of my drawing time struggling with this step. 

 Then a medium brush to shade the forehead, hair, around the eyes, and the rest of the face. Try to get a 3-dimensional feel to your work. Test background colours against the tone of the skin.

♥ Finally 1-5pixels brush to detail the eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, etc., hair, and around the lips. 

♥ Fill in the background, sign and stamp! DONE! Easy yes? ;) 

Give it a go, you'll like it - digital drawing/sketching is my way to de-stress and get away from it all. And it's not as hard as it looks. Fun fun fun!!! 



April said...

WOW. That's really cool!!! I never knew at all!! I just see the finished product once you are done, and I am so glad I now get to know the process!! I don't know if I can try it - I am not very good at this!! But hey, which software is this?


Hien said...

You can literally use any software that allows you to change brush size (Photoshop, paint, etc.). I often use Photoshop, the thing that matters is the tablet ;) You should be able to find a second-hand Wacom from ebay or something. Mine is A4 but A5 or A6 would do just fine xxxxxxxxx

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