The Boy with the Magical Life Buoy

Do you remember the mouse that has a castle that used to live in the wall of the house that had belonged to the girl in the wind? Well you must do because I have just told you the story yesterday, which actually has been not a day but it equals to nineteen and a half mouse years. In that amount of time the mouse already ate most of his castle and all I managed was to have some meals and read two stories in a book and draw three sketches and sleep, which I think is not fair because I wasn’t as efficient. Anyway the mouse ate through and through his castle and made a cheese tunnel and he was extremely excited about the unknowns at the other end. By a mere chance, the other end of the tunnel was an inflatable life buoy that belongs to a kid, who is the boy with the magical life buoy. It is magical because when you put it down on the sand, it deforms time and space of the universe and makes something similar to a black hole that allows you to go to another space at another time simply by jumping in it. You could go back to the year of 1997, or visit Einstein and kiss him on the cheek, or dance at Woodstock 1969 which was a music festival, or go forward and see if they would ever invent a time machine except that you’ve already got one and you really should not tell them that you’ve got one because it would upset them a lot I imagine, or go to your favourite people’s houses and watch as they write/compose/create the most amazing things in the world, or visit my mum (hi mum!) because you would like her a lot, everybody likes my mum it’s a fact.

But unfortunately the boy can’t do anything of that. Performing similarly to a black hole, he’d never know where and when he might end up if he jumped into the hoop, so he stays where he is - he likes the sea. And we don’t know yet whether the pink mouse would go all the way through the tunnel – he may stay there to wait for the girl in the wind who he believes one day would eventually come back to find him. For now, the boy is playing ball on the beach, the inflatable life buoy is on the sand, and there is a sand castle too which the boy built. Hey, they both build castles; maybe they can build one together!



April said...

Darling, I love it love it love it. I love this series!!!!!! You should keep doing more.

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