The Boy and the Flying Penguin

The ball has disappeared into the magical life buoy! The magical life buoy that belongs to the boy with the magical life buoy, that connects to the cheese tunnel dug out by the mouse who has the castle, who in turn lives in the house that belonged to the girl in the wind. Phew, I almost lost my breath after saying this – it’s getting harder and harder to keep track who where what. Anyway the boy was playing on the beach and accidentally threw the ball towards the life buoy, which behaved as badly as a black hole and sucked the ball right in while the boy was looking helplessly. Boom! Ah there, it bounces off someone’s hat at the other end! Let me introduce to you the boy and the flying penguin, who is only slightly weirder than other weird penguins because he flies and others don’t, and he wears orange boots and others don’t, and he laughs and others don’t, and when he laughs the laughs turn into pink bubbles and bursts after a couple of seconds, and he thinks the boy looks really funny with his big red hat, which is why he keeps following the boy and laughs pink bubbles.

Back to the story, the ball bounces off the boy’s hat and he pokes it with a stick and it bursts and he puts a light bulb inside it and hangs it on his hat so now he doesn’t have to carry a torch with him anymore because it’s bright and nice wherever he goes and he is rather pleased with his invention. The penguin finds it hilarious but what does he know, he’s a weird flying penguin whose laughs turn into pink bubbles. And the boy keeps walking with not only a penguin following him, but also a tiny bit of darkness – they tend to get attracted to the light. With any luck the boy will bump into the girl in the wind and maybe he will be able to make her laugh too, she always look so sad that girl...



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