Food post #2

Slow cook: Braised pork belly with jasmine rice
Use quail eggs if you could find some
And a splash of coconut juice will sweeten your dish ;) Southern style, right April? 
I also add sweet mirin wine, dark soy sauce, fish sauce and 5 spices. 

Quick fix: Fresh egg noodle with king prawns, baby courgettes, chillies, pak-choi and seasonal greens
Add roasted pine nuts for a bit of nutty flavour and crunch! 



Aquarius said...

Yummy =P~. More food posts please :D

April said...

Aquarius!!! Long time no see!!! How have you been?

@Hien: This looks awesome!! I so wish I lived near you :-( xoxoxo

Hien said...

...and I would cook for you everyday :( xxxx

Anonymous said...

Sao cái món thịt kho tàu qua bức ảnh của c Hiền nó trở nên đặc biệt và cao quý thế nhờ:))

April.W + Hien.N said...

tai chi nau^' ngon =)) o*' o*` ;P

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