Aleksander: My Work is My Life

This is going to be one of the most intensively-illustrated posts ever on this blog, because I want to introduce to you all THE MOST BRILLIANT 3D/2D artist from Kiev, Ukraine: Aleksander Kuskov. 

I consider myself a fan of computer graphics and everything related to it. My work is my life and my hobby.

Let me briefly tell you about one of my favorite works - Shoker. I was inspired by unknown horizons of steam-punk style, especially its unbelievable transformations from one form to another. Composition is rather simple, I placed objects on suitable perspective for reading form and geometry. Objects separated in depth for better effect of perspective. As of lighting: the main task is to show objects clearly with all their complexity and variety. There was this idea to control the lighting by using only lamps, but I changed my mind, because the whole picture was a bit too gloomy and dark, and I could not see all the details. The arrangement of the objects was enjoyable and experimental, which process took me 3 weeks. The program used for modeling is Maya. I used mental ray for rendering. A LOT of layers was rendered not only for this piece of work, but also for future setups and compositions. This image’s original resolution was 7000/10000 pixel. Average render time was 117 hours.
I have the habit of fine-tuning all my works, with great attention to details. Generally I like to challenge myself with the most interesting, difficult and exciting projects. My dream is to work on large and labor-intensive projects in the cinema industry.

Shoker step-by-step: 

Shoker - The Masterpiece!
I have a lot of respect for Aleksander, so I chose to post the email he wrote me (of course with his permission), instead of editing it into the usual interview format. He is a truly truly great artist – so talented yet humble and friendly. After a couple of emails back and forth (me brave enough to send him one of my architectural sketches and him kind enough to give me a pat on my shoulder and say it is pretty good), we decided to collaborate – yays! It’s going to be a long-term thing, as we’ll have to fit it in our hectic schedules. Initial concept: a futuristic city, lots of machineries, post-nuclear war type of thing. I can’t wait to start. And you, watch this space! ;) 

If you want to get to know this amazing guy, go to his website or drop him a couple of lines at I’m sure he would love all your support.

More 3D works:

And 2D drawings: (done by hands! and pencils! I can't get my head around this!!!)


P.S.: Click on the images and view them at their original sizes. They will blow your mind! 


Anonymous said...

Holy cow! O_O That Shoker piece looks more realistic than a photograph! O_O

Anonymous said...

Wowserrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Your works are stunnnnning!

Tung said...

Thank you for sharing your artwork. I'm sure you're going to make it BIG in the cinema industry :) Good luck.

A. said...

I usually have a lot to say re: 3D renders, but your pieces made me speechless. Well done!

L.T. said...

You're mental! And I meant it in the best way possible..

Anonymous said...

117 HOURS? omg.

April said...

This is just about the cooolesttt post yet. Holy freaking awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Just one simple word: AWESOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bella Kotak said...

Oh my god!! This is insane... I love it!! Amazing!!

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