Studying Must Be Worth It!

‘How much did your architectural education cost? No idea? Well, consider yourself lucky.’

I read this article on Building Design Online and got really curious, I decided to calculate exactly how much my architectural education has cost, well, so far. (God helps me, 7 years and it’s not ever done yet???)

Let’s see:

3 years of Undergrad, £8 700 each = £26 100

Plus living expenses, say £10 000 a year = £30 000

2 years of Postgrad, £12 000 each but thanks to International Scholarship I had to pay ONLY a mere £12 000 for both years!!!!

Again, living expenses = £20 000

Don’t forget the loveliest £1 500 or so I had to depart with for my Part I exam. Hmm.

This amounts to a staggering £89 600 altogether. Let’s call it £90 000!

Seriously WHY DID I BOTHER?????????? I’d have been much better off with £90 000 in my bank account! ;D 



Tâm An said...

you're so fun :) and you're lucky :)

from Huyen

April said...

Darling I will write to you more about this in an email. The truth is, I wonder about this a lot also. It's not just the money. We are going to be in school for many years of our life. I am still in school for many more years of my life. It's a long and complicated question.

The short answer, however, is that regardless of all that, it has contributed to making you the beautiful, thoughtful, creative, wonderful person we all know and love. It's been a part of you we all admire and adore. And it will always be so. And as such, it can never be a waste.


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