WTF Posters

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WTF is a term used throughout the world when something just doesn’t make sense. These posters depict the situations accurately and accordingly. These posters were designed by Minga and I’m sure everyone will find these posters as funny as I did. Check them out below.

and this is for my darling A., because I love her and she needs some Christmas-themed cupcakes to cheer her up ;) (found them here)



Aquarius said...

WTF =)) !
This really made my day ! At last, something funny and worth laughing after a mind-wrecking Friday :D

Thanks, sis =)

Hien said...

You're most welcome :D
The 3rd one with the koala bears is my favourite.

April said...

@Hien: LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! A much needed laugh after a LOOOONG day. And I love u too!! I wish we could have cupcakes together. We should make cupcakes together! I should go to Cambridge! I should go next year!!!!

@Aquarius: How are you? Haven't seen you in a while! We miss you around here! :)

Hien said...


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