Blackmago: Life is a big project!

Blackmago (DeviantART’s ID)‘s works are ‘amazing’, ‘cute’, ‘admirable’, ‘charming’, ‘wonderful’, ‘lovely’, and ‘awesome’. They are just a few among hundreds of comments he receives every day. Let’s meet the guy (who is, by the way, just as lovely as his works): 

Q: Please introduce yourself and what you do.
A: My name is Alejandro Velasquez, I am Peruvian and am currently residing in Equator. I enjoy illustrating using both traditional and digital media (painting in gouache and working on pixel art). As of now, I am an assistant working for a game's development.

Q: How on Earth have you mastered the two very different techniques – gouache and pixel – I am amazed! A quick description of your artwork please, especially your pixel pieces. (You’re the first pixel artist I know so I am super curious!)
A: Basically, I will always use a specially selected colour palette. This is how I try to keep it all under the same atmosphere. My pixel works are mostly based on friendly characters inspired on Peruvian or Japanese culture, sometimes even elements from my own life.
Green is a must in my pixel works; you will always find nature thematic as well. 

Kappa Planet
Q: How is pixel art different from other more traditional types? What is your process of producing a piece?
A: it is different because here you can easily depict small things while keeping its sharpness. It is addictive, a challenge in its own way, not unlike many other medium. Sometimes I think of pixels as Lego blocks. Firstly, when producing a piece, I sketch the character on paper. Once I define the desired shape, I start doodling on "Paint" program using a single base colour. After laying down the black line art, I add the colours and detail. If animation is required, I use "Animationshop3" program.

Q: In your works, what theme do you pursue?
A: Nature, whimsical stuff, green colours, anything that can be friendly and cute. 

Bringael Kappa Bottle
Q: What do you like and dislike about your works?
A: As any other artist I have to like my own works in order to show them to others...even if I still think I am " under training", I like to push the limits all the time , even if my style is minimalistic in some way. There are many things I can do better, it's just a matter of time and practice.

Q: What is your dream project?
A: I think I used to have this dream when I was a child... Now I AM living my dream... to be an artist and live of it. Life is a big project presented in several layers. 
Opito's Spring Garden
Q: Name three artists you would like to be compared to.
A: I would like to be known for having a personal and original style; I would prefer that, instead of being compared.

Q: What's the best piece of advice you've been given?
A: To never think there is a limit... as long as we are alive, we can change anything we can, as long as we let others do the same.

Q: Professionally, what's your plan from where you are at the moment?
A: I am working now as an pixel artist in Equator, I will stay here until March next year, one of the parts of this project is a game made entirely in pixel art. Once the project ends, I still have other proposals for other kind of projects (related to pixel art or illustration). At the same time I supervise my new collection of nativity ornaments for Italy and Germany, as for today it's something I am doing online.

Q: What wouldn't you do without?
A: I wouldn't have done it ...without the people who are all the time encouraging me, my mother, God and my beloved friends.

Thank you Blackmago. Please write us again when your pixel game is done – we can’t wait to see/play it!!! :) Now you readers, go to Blackmago’s website and swoon! There are some of the cutest things you can ever find on the Internet, like these:

Sonata Quatro
The Place I'll Return One Day


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