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Christmas is upon us and it means that the music shops are full of Christmas albums. One of the more interesting this year is Nicholas Nørlund’s project ‘From Danish Hearts’, where he collected a handful of young Danish bands and artists and gave them the task of interpreting a well-known Christmas song. The Kissaway Trail has also been invited to participate and they set themselves a challenge of covering one the most loved and hated Christmas songs of all time: Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’. 

A bit of background information: The Kissaway Trail is a five-piece indie rock band from Odense, Denmark. They follow a number of other Danish alternative bands to make names of themselves, such as Mew, The Raveonettes and Carpark North. Three members of The Kissaway Trail (Søren, Thomas and Rune) originally recorded together under the names of 'Hostmom' and 'Isles'. Isles self-released an album called ‘We have decided not to die’ in 2005. Since then, an additional guitarist, Daniel, and drummer Hasse joined the band, while Thomas started to sing alongside Søren making the distinctive two lead-vocal sound that they have today. 

"It is a very difficult number to do", says Soren Corneliussen from The Kissaway Trail. "For us it's the ultimate Christmas track."

But how long will it take to get George Michael’s out of everyone’s head and put The Kissaway Trail’s imprint on a song that everyone from four to ninety knows? "Well, it took Thomas (Fagerlund) two hours to make the draft as we went into the studio and worked on with. We wanted the number to sound like The Kissaway Trail, and it seems we have succeeded quite well."

And now that you have finished, and even think you have got away with it, are there any plans to send the interpretation to the original author, none other than George Michael? "Naaah, I don’t think so. He can find it on Youtube easily enough" says The Kissaway Trail.

Other bands and artists From Danish Hearts are:
Figurines – All I Want For Christmas Is You
Fallulah – Carol Of The Bells
Teitur – Happy Christmas (War Is Over)
The Blue Van – Merry Christmas Everybody
Coco – The Christmas Song
Peter Sommer – Fra Døren (Hansemand)
Sonja Richter – What Are You Doing New Years Eve
Kirsten & Marie – Little Drummer Boy
Jacob Bellens – You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You
The Fireflies – Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)
Nørlund/Giana Factory – En Helt Fantastisk Jul 

Now it’s time to check out this breathtakingly beautiful interpretation of Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’:
Last Christmas

Happy Christmas and A Wondrous New Year to all of you invisible peeps from April and Hien at !!! 

And also, Happy Birthday to two of my most beloved people, T. and M. It's party time! 



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