Another step-by-step

The final product: 

And the process:



martha said...


Hien said...

a stunner isn't he? ;)

April said...

You are the one that stunned me with your talent!!!! I am mesmerized!! :-)

This made me smile after a long day of NOTHING working. And the STUPID computer crashed with all my data on it, and there was no option to save it while it's acquiring data. And I am going to go drink a lot of alcohol now :-). But thank you for this post, and for putting a smile on my face always.

love u xoxoxo

Hien said...

OMG darling I'm so sorry to hear about the computer :c OK I'm gonna go find something to post to cheer you up now <3
And drink some for me ;)
I love you xxxxxxxxx

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