2010 has been an eventful year with: my completion of Part II (finally!), making a lot of new friends and acquaintances from different paths of life – all of whom are awesome in their own ways, the beginning of our blog, trips to glamorous places, great gigs, having done a reasonable amount of artwork, and other projects.

For 2011, my New Year’s resolutions are: to do MORE artwork and be MORE adventurous with the techniques (try different media puh-leze!!!), participate in at least 5 competitions throughout the year, make more friends ;) (or at least as many as this year), maintain the high standards (*wink wink*) of our blog and write regularly, make MORE efforts to go see my friends (like, the one in New York for instance, ugh!), and MORE gigs wouldn’t hurt anyone!

What are your resolutions?



Tâm An said...

I don't visit the blogs often but whenever I have time, i check out your blog. i love the art work you put in here. Some i don't understand, some I love for i can relate them to myself. But most of all, i think they're beautiful and i even love the writing more :)

happy new year to Hien and April and everyone!

My resolutions: learn a new language, French i think :D

Hien said...

@Tam An: friends like you are the season we came up with this blog in the first place. Thank you so much for the love and affection for our works. Have a fabulous new year ;) Hx

Anonymous said...

ummm maybe eat healthy and exercise more? ;) but then I say this every year.....Happy New Year!!!

April said...

I have to think about the resolutions... hmm.. I will tell you later :-). love you xoxo

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