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OK, so this should explain my absence lately: I’ve re-designed my website. Not that the old one wasn’t good enough, I thought a new year, a new layout – hey why not? ;) Go check it out at, hope you’ll like it.

Lucky me I had the right partner to do this hard work with, and I meant ‘right’ in every sense of the word. T.’s been there all along, it’s not like his support is a new thing, but his endurance for all my nagging whilst we were doing this site makes it hit me at an oblique angle.

It bolts down to this: the necessities of the day to day pull us along, against our will or otherwise. The alarm wakes us, we have to down enough caffeine to be awake and alert, and we need to look presentable to the world, all the while checking the clock on the wall. If it’s one of those perfectly easy mornings, we fulfil these obligations with time to spare.

But some mornings one of us wakes up with a massive headache, there’s nothing in the fridge for breakfast, not because we forgot our food shopping but the fridge was broken and the replacement has not yet arrived. Sometimes there’s no caffeine and we are forced to face all this when being all grumpy. And then one of us would start working on her (or his) website ;) and nag the other into helping her (or him!). And you would actually get on with it giving her your full attention and all the time you could afford. This is life. This is ‘partnership’. The majority of it is even more mundane than what I just described, interspersed with moments of joy and pain that acts as markers on the road. It’s a challenge. But when you have the ‘right’ partner, you develop a rhythm, a way of balancing each other’s weaknesses, so that even on the catastrophic mornings you can pull it off. You still sometimes take the hits from life, but you divide the pain, and at the end of the day, you commiserate together.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is THANK YOU 

And hey, HAPPY NEW 2011! ;) New year, new website, new job, new life for me. What’s new for you? Let us know.



April said...

I nominate this to be the best post yet. You and T. are wonderful together. I am so happy that you both found each other, and I love you both so so much.

Hien said...

This is nowhere near as good as your writing darling. We love you so so much too :( I wish I could see you for this festive season :( xxx

hoang anh said...

hey your new website is so COOOL!

And happy new year! Wish we could figure out a way to extend time to get more things done! hehehe :))

Hien said...

I KNOW, right? ;)
like, 48 hours per day, that'd be a good start!
and thank you for your compliment - whoop!!!! x

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